Hygiene Therapy

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Teeth scaling
Hygiene therapist sessions

Regular oral hygiene sessions are necessary to maintain your oral health. Routine teeth cleaning with scale and polish involves the removal of the plaque and hardened deposits (tartar). Keeping your teeth cleaned in a regular basis is the best way to prevent cavities (decay) and gum disease.

Our experienced Dental Therapist Danielle Firth, will assess your oral hygiene, and undertake the appropriate treatment required. They will help you to achieve a good and stable oral hygiene, in order to prevent any disease in the future.

Teeth scaling

Dental cleaning involve the removal of plaque and tartar (harden deposits) of your teeth. In first place, our Dental Therapist assess the quantity of plaque retained, and will advise you in how to prevent it.

At Beighton Dental Care we use the latest specialised instruments to gentle remove the plaque and tartar deposits without harming your teeth.

  • Ultrasonic scaler: it uses vibration to remove the plaque and tartar. It also sprays a cooling water to wash away the debris.
  • Fine hand tool (hand scaler): used to remove smaller deposits and smooth the roots surfaces putting slight pressure on the teeth.
Teeth polishing

Polishing of the surfaces of your teeth is done after your scaling is performed. A slow hand piece and a rubber cup is used with prophylactic paste. This paste is gritty and polishes the surfaces removing the staining of your teeth and leaving them smooth and shiny.

Air flow polishing

If the staining of the surfaces of the teeth is extense, or for a more effective cleaning of your teeth and gums, at Beighton Dental care we offer Air Flow Polishing Treatment.

The Air Flow Polishing is an innovative technique that cleans an polishes the teeth with a mixed of compressed air that flushes water and fine particles of polishing powder. Your teeth will feel and look cleaner and whiter than ever after an Air Flow polish, as it restores your smile´s natural glow.

Air Flow polishing is pain free an comfortable treatment, very affordable.

You can ask our members of the staff at Beighton Dental care for more information about Air Flow Polishing or call us today at 011442474062.

Periodontal treatment and prevention

Periodontal (gum) disease is a very common condition that affects most people at some point through their lives. If left untreated, it can cause pain and problems. Symptoms can start as inflammation or bleeding when brushing, but can progress to further problems such as periodontal abscesses or tooth loss. This is why it is important to attend regularly for periodontal assessment and equally discuss any concerns which your dental hygiene therapist.

If you have existing periodontal (gum) conditions that require further treatment, our dental therapists will work closely with our dentists to formulate specific personal treatment which will include extensive periodontal cleaning, as well as specific time to discuss oral health home care.

Prevent and treat Dental decay

Our hygiene therapist can give you extensive diet and oral hygiene advice to help you stay decay free. They can also apply preventative sealants on the teeth or fluoride varnishes to keep the teeth strong. If you do have any areas of active decay, our trained hygiene therapists can remove this and restore the teeth with a selection of aesthetic dental materials.

Bad breath prevention

Bacteria that build up in plaque can release unpleasant odours if not removed efficiently. Our hygiene therapist can gently remove plaque and tartar deposits and also show you how to remove these effectively at home.

Oral hygiene advice

Probably the most important part of our hygiene therapists’ role is to give you oral hygiene advice in order for you to keep your mouth healthy and looking great.

Good dental hygiene is the foundation of a healthy mouth and a great smile. Regular screening and treatment will help prevent oral disease. This in turn will increase the longevity of your teeth.

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