Teeth straightening

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Here at Beighton dental care, we offer several options for clear braces that could help you obtain that beautiful smile.

Why not call us for a consultation? 01142 474062

What to expect

· The first appointment will be a consultation to answer your questions and determine if you are suitable for treatment.

· If we think you are more likely to be suitable, a second appointment will be booked to conduct a further assessment. There may a charge of £100 for this appointment; this charge however may be incorporated in the total cost of orthodontic treatment if you decide to go ahead. At this appointment we will take photographs, impressions for study casts and radiographs. All these investigations will help us determine if you are definitely suitable and therefore draft a treatment plan estimate the length and the final cost of treatment.

· The third appointment will be to discuss the final treatment plan and if agreed, we will decide when to start your orthodontic journey.

Types of braces

We can provide fixed and removable clear braces and use various systems for example Quickstraighteeth, Smilealign …

After a thorough examination we will decide which option is more suitable for you and will fit well within your lifestyle.

CLEAR FIXED BRACES are bonded (glued) on your teeth. The colour is clear/white and blend better than metal braces.

REMOVABLE BRACES are clear removable aligners and are worn over your teeth. They tend not to be very noticeable .It is important to bear in mind that they will only work if you are fully compliant as they should be worn for at least 23 hours a day and should only be removed for eating and dental hygiene. If the appliances are not worn as directed, unfortunately your teeth will not move satisfactorily and you may not obtain the desirable result.

After the initial placement of braces and periods after each adjustment, you should expect some discomfort as the teeth will start moving, however this should settle after few days.

The use of analgesics may help give you with the discomfort. However if the discomfort is significant we advise you to contact the practice as soon as possible.

You would need some time to adjust to wearing braces. Your speech may be affected for a period of time until you get used to them

Oral hygiene and diet

Your oral hygiene has to be excellent throughout the treatment to prevent any gums disease.

Your diet should consist of very low frequency of sugary intakes/refined carbohydrates as those should only be consumed on rare occasions to prevent tooth decay developing.

During treatment, you should also avoid

· Hard food

· Sticky food such as chewing gums, toffee

· Regular consumption of food or beverage that could cause discoloration such as curries,red wine, tea and coffee etc.


Retainers are given at the end of the orthodontic treatment to help prevent any future relapse, therefore it is important they are worn as instructed .There are two types of retainers: fixed which are glued on your teeth and removable .We usually provide both at the end of each treatment.

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